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[WATCH]: – Web Design – Live Website Redesign: Designing with Drupal

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Drupal expert Chris Stauffer returns to discuss designing with Drupal in mind as Jose and Xin build out the ThisWeekIn features within the proposed sitemap. 00:35 Introducing Xin Chung and Chris Stauffer 01:16 Jose describes the challenges of defining scope with a client 03:18 The importance of insurance, and how Hiscox can help 07:15 Prioritization of features with the team and the client 09:44 Chris explains the why and the how of the MOSCOW process 12:40 Estalishing the topline priorities for ThisWeekIn 15:35 Designing with a known budget or blue sky ideas. 18:46 Chris brings up features that the team had not thought of in previous sessions. 20:45 “Chunky violent” design style. 21:20 Chris defines “solar search” for the team. 25:48 The far-reaching ramifications of designing user profiles. 32:30 Taking a step back and looking at the priorities at a macro level. 34:23 Using Drupal to easily establish user permissions. 41:45 How to build a promotional infrastructure within the ThisWeekIn site. 46:45 Stepping back to see if there are any missed features, we realize the sponsor user profile hasn’t been fully addressed.

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