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Hudson River Plane Crash Crew: "Brace brace, heads down, stay down" – US Airway Flight 1549 -

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Its nice to see that we still have people who are so professional, and that they do what needs to be done, the way that it needs to be done, and when it needs to be done. The Captain and Crew of this flight should be saluted by everyone in the world for the excellent job that they did. jbranstetter04 Hudson River crash recordings reveal calm of Captain Sullenberger His quick thinking under pressure has already been hailed across the world. Now transcripts of the final communication from the aircraft that crashed on the Hudson reveal how its pilot calmly radioed air traffic controllers that he was planning to land in the river next to Manhattan. The audio recordings from the stricken jet, released yesterday, reveal that air traffic control met the news with disbelief. Were going to be in the Hudson, Captain Chesley Sully Sullenberger told the tower in a deadpan voice. Im sorry, say again, an air traffic controller responded. There was no answer from the aircraft. Captain Sullenbergers splash landing saved the lives of all 155 people aboard US Airway Flight 1549 from New Yorks LaGuardia airport to Charlotte, North Carolina, on January 15. The former US Air Force pilot walked through the aircraft twice to check that all passengers had got out before he abandoned the aircraft, in a feat dubbed The Miracle on the Hudson. Investigators have confirmed that birds struck both engines of the Airbus A320 just after takeoff. The National Transportation Safety Board has released a

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