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Cheap Wireless Mic Solution!

Rating: 4

Have great sound quality for zero dollars.. if you have a cellphone and the headphone accessory that came with it. For this tutorial, I used the Nokia N900 and the N900 headphones – I don’t have the headphone accessory for any of my other devices. To record the audio, I used an application for the N900 called “Recaller”, which you can download for free. You can do this with ANY phone that can record audio. You can even use a wireless bluetooth headset! Best of luck guys! Happy video’ing ——- Submit a QOTD! Submit a Video Sponsor! ——- Tehkseven Wallpapers! ——- Phoneage Blog Phoneage Forums TehkWear Tehkseven http Follow us on Twitter! ——- Jon’s Vlog Channel ——- Music By Kevin MacLeod

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