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How To Draw!~ Graphic Design: The Creative Process – Illustration

Rating: 4

This video shows the creative process from illustrating the human form to which will be used in a mixed media design that encourages high school students to consider taking art even though they might not have artistic ability. The message on the completed design poster says, “Inspiration doesn’t just come to you; you have to create inspiration.” So even though some very talented artists might make drawing and painting look easy, the Graphic Design industry is very different and really doesn’t have much to do with art at all. The brainstorming and thought process involved with making successful Graphic Design solutions as well as other fundamentals of design like Color Theory, Gestalt and Typography are all significant factors that go far beyond the mere ability to draw. Further education about the Graphic Design industry is important for new students who have yet to discover what Graphic Design is and perhaps they might enjoy such a career if they are made aware of what is involved. By the way, I like listening to Sarah Slean when I’m doing my work so I included her music in here. Also Amorphis ’cause they rock.

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