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How To Put Google Advertisements On Your Website- & Get Paid

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How To put make a Google AdSense account,and put Google advertisements on your website and get paid for them. You must Fill out the Adsense Sign up Form With 100% True info, that’s how you get your money! Check out: Make AdSense Account: —————————————– How I Make Money-⇓ ➡ Sign up, & see how I make Easy Cash online. ►My Website- —————————————————– COMMON QUESTIONS WHATS THE AGE LIMIT, I’M UNDER 18? -Its 18, But you can still participate, Just have your parents sign up for you. WHEN DO I GET PAID? -When you reach a minimum of $100, they send you the money. HOW DO I GET PAID? -They Will send you a check to you’re address, or Direct deposit to your bank. NO PayPal. HOW DO/CAN I PUT ADS ON MY YOUTUBE VIDEOS OR CHANNEL? -You CAN NOT, Only YouTube Partners Can do that. Apply here: COULDN’T I CLICK THEM TO MAKE MORE MONEY? – If you want to get banned from google adsense. Google Will see that your ip address is clicking on it, and Ban you. Also telling others to repeatably click it will get you banned. Google will notice that you have way to many clicks compared to the low amount of traffic on your site. WHY DO SOME NON PARTNERS HAVE ADS ON VIDEOS? -Okay, 1st: If your not a partner, and have ads on your video, then Its because it has Copyrighted material, which is against the rules, so Youtube makse money off of it by placing ads on

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