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Office Office – Episode 3

Rating: 4

Mussadilal is out to the RTO to get his license made. His start is ominous because he takes on the middle man one on one. Will he be able to get a license fir his scooter? A show with a difference. In a nutshell ek dilchasp, rip-roaring, rib tickling comedy rather, satire on the everyday trials of the common man and our rather handicapped system. The conniving, cutthroat and lackadaisical attitude of our system is represented in an extremely humorous manner. The system is represented by a group of actors who are constantly highlighting the pathetic mindset of our junior level officers. They say, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Pankaj Kapoor, leaves no stone unturned in his portrayal of the system beaten man. The very obvious strength of this show is its pathos driven satire. Well crafted by the writers and effectively portrayed by the actors, this show is one of its kinds.

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