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$1800 used shipping container as architects' backyard office

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Shipping containers are built to carry huge loads and the refrigerated units are very efficient at climate control. So it’s unsurprising that when they’re retired from the sea, they’re being used as the building blocks for homes and offices. Given their strength they work well in earthquake country. In Berkeley, California architect Karl Wanaselja and his business partner and wife Cate Leger created their home-office using a shipping container. It cost just $1800. Wanaselja and Leger cut their 40 foot long refrigerated unit in half and placed it in a T shape in their backyard (with the help of a crane). They didn’t need to add any insulation: they’re designed to not have any thermal bridging between the interior and exterior and the polyisocyanurate insulation has the highest R-value of any foam insulation. Using a sawzall (reciprocating saw), the couple cut huge windows into the aluminum/stainless steel structure. Wanaselja says he was initially intimidated by the idea of crafting out of aluminum (the exterior material) and stainless steel (interior), but “once I got over my learning curve I actually like working with metal”. In this video, the couple talk about working in a cargo container, using materials like the soy-based plywood floor (Purebond) and the music made by rain and branches on a metal roof. Original story here:

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