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Demonstrating the CPU. Then coughing a lot. Sorry about that. I may be dying.

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So despite just having the CPU and no other computer accouterments, I could still run a simple program. That’s because even though I didn’t have any RAM hooked up, the registers were memory enough. And the ROM in this video is just my brain, which is good enough for a short, easy program like this. What’s next? In videos: a flyover and tour, if that’s your sort of thing. In the machine: RAM, ROM, and hooking up the PC, of course. Then it’s a computer. The save file: In a day or so, most likely. Give me some time to make sure I’m not releasing something subtly broken. An important acknowledgement: In my quest to continue shrinking the ALU, I ended up replacing the adder I made with one based on a design by TCoZ of the minecraft forums: I shrunk and customized it a little, but the main design is his.

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