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Install WordPress – WordPress Tutorial

Rating: 1 – Learn how to install WordPress with a step by step video made by Mark Pierce with WordPress Video Tips. In this quick install, we are using Fantastico which is provided by Hostgator. The quick install saves time installing WordPress so you can get working on your blog right away. Gain FREE access to WordPress Video Tips each week and learn how to get your Blog Ranked High on Google. Your WordPress Blog, if configured correctly can be a Search Engine Magnet. Why pay for Video Tutorials when you can get them for free. Be your own SEO expert and learn how to Blog with WordPress. Mark Pierce will create a new WordPress Video Tutorial & Tip each week and have the link ready and delivered to your email inbox FREE of charge. No SPAM or sales pitches will be sent, just what you signed up for. Solid, Informative and Educational WordPress Video Tips! Learn from a WordPress Consultant and Daily User who delivers Powerful Tips and SEO information that will get your blog to the Top of Google. This does not happen overnight, but with hard work, dedication and the willingness to learn WordPress, you can take your business to the next level! Save time searching Google for WordPress Instructional Videos when you need to learn something for your Blog or about WordPress. Just sign up today and start receiving your Free WordPress Video Tips right away!

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