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Live Website Redesign – Shiny Object Syndrome

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Working in web design requires negotiating with clients, but how do you negotiate when your client is also your boss? Host Jose Caballer discusses this issue with in-house designer (and Groop Skool alumni!) Eric Patrick. Along with co-host Aure Gimon, the team discuss the challenges of integrating a Scrum philosophy amongst an internal design team within an established corporation. Strategies for getting early buy-in from supervisors, maintaining momentum in a challenging environment, and avoiding miscommunication within a team by aligning around user stories are all discussed. Plus Aure designs a tablet interface for ThisWeekIn! 00:00 Open 03:19 Introduction to guest Eric Patrick and co-host Aure Gimon 05:16 Reality Check for the ThisWeekIn redesign 07:00 Talking about Groop Skool with recent alumni Eric 09:00 Jose tries to fight what he calls “diddle-daddle” 10:50 The ThisWeekIn team loves GoToMeeting! 12:00 Eric talks about the challenges for developing and designing in-house 17:30 Shiny object syndrome and how to protect against it. 19:00 Pitching fixed fee, variable scope projects with an agile/scrum philosophy 20:30 Mitigating risk as you pitch projects. 22:45 Dropping in on Aure’s work on the ThisWeekIn main page developed for a tablet. 23:30 Launchpad conference for tablet developers: Jose is going to be there. 28:00 Why you need to read Seth Godin’s Ship It immediately after this episode 31:00 Planning using scrum with index cards and timing out the development

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