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[WATCH]: Part 1 – Drupal Theming – Panels & Panels Everywhere HD

Rating: 4

Watch the second part here: Please watch in HD to best see the screen. Part 1 of 5 in a series giving an overview of the Panels & Panels Everywhere modules for theming your Drupal website. Part 1 covers Panels basics, an overview of Panels and Panels Everywhere, and a templating introduction. There was a lot to cover, and Im sure to have missed bits and not gotthings exacly as I wanted them – but hopefully it’ll be helpful to anyone starting out with Panels & Panels Everywhere. Part 1 Intro & Overview, Panels Basics, Panels Templating Part 2 Further templating, node template, theming the node edit form, Mini Panels Part 3 Panels & CSS, Adding CSS to your Panels content, using Firebug Part 4 Panels Everywhere – setting it up and adding CSS to format the page template. Part 5 Other sites I used Panels Everywhere on, using Panels to create a user dashboard. My site: The website used for most of the tutorial This is my first screencast, so be kind! ! If you have any question leave them in the comments and I’ll try to answer.

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