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How to Install Android on a Nook (…and other news)

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Join us LIVE for tomorrow’s Google IO event discussion: Have fun with your photos through Face Craze! Should Your IT Department Embrace the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Era? Three Free Ways to Clone Windows XP in 2012: Follow-Up How to Install Android on a Nook Color How to Use Dropbox to Host and Stream Videos 10 Things to Think About when Writing Articles Should You Use 4G over a Wired Broadband Connection? Cube asks on user mutley2209 asks: What’s the next step in laptop cooling systems? YouTube user dviam369 writes: Hey Chris and Diana, what’s the square footage of your house? I’m looking at property in the Seattle area and that’s a random fact I’d like to know! At, ClaassenTech_Crafter asks: What is your favorite Google Chrome theme? Higher-resolution Kindle Fires coming at the end of July? Beta-launching simply maximizes cash back rebates, merchant discounts, and frequent traveler rewards for all of your credit cards. The TSA’s dumb air-security rules are not based on science. SideCar app brings hitchhiking into the 21st century (with background checks)! Apple launches official podcast app for iOS! Pirillo Vlog 064 – Diana is

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