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The RPG Fanatic Review Show – ★ ZHP Unlosing Ranger Vs. Darkdeath Evilman ★ Video Game Review

Rating: 4 Zettai Hero Project: Unlosing Ranger Vs. Darkdeath Evilman is the newest video game PSP title from Nippon Ichi Software America (NISA)! This reviewer shows you what the gameplay is like! From the publisher: Zettai Hero Project…Engage! You, the protagonist, were on your way back from the neighborhood convenience store, when you witnessed a fatal traffic accident! The victim handed you a strange-looking belt before taking his last breath. That belt was the morphing belt needed to turn into the “Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger!” You weren’t given just the belt! The fate of the universe now rests in your hands, as the final boss, Darkdeath Evilman, plots to destroy the world! There’s no time left before the decisive battle is set to begin! You became a hero entirely on a whim, but the final boss battle is already here! How I review games: I do not use a rating system. I think rating systems are silly. Unlike many game reviewers I try to review a game from the perspective of who I believe the target audience of the game is supposed to be. If I personally don’t belong to the target audience for the game I’m reviewing, I try to consider if the intended target audience would enjoy the game or not. Welcome to The RPG Fanatic channel, home to fanatical computer roleplaying videogame reviews, essays, rants and news! The RPG Fanatic is a Youtube Partner web series created on January 7th, 2010, now part of the machinima network

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