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LGR – The Sims Medieval Review

Rating: 4

What is The Sims Medieval, really? How different is it from other Sims games? Is it worth buying? Find out in this video review! Buy the Sims games for a low price on my game shop! The Sims Medieval for Windows and Macintosh computers. EXTRA NOTE: One thing I wasn’t sure if I should mention in the review was the way the game “endings” happen – if you don’t want spoilers, don’t read this. After your kingdom ambition is completed and your kingdom is practically fully-upgraded with lots of high-level heroes, you are forced to start over with a new kingdom to continue playing. While you can choose one of your successful heroes to take over as the new monarch in an extra (and optional) quest, I really wish you could have continued with your original kingdom. You can either play the old one in “free mode” or you must make a new one and possibly do many of the same quests over again, re-building and re-creating everything again with every new kingdom ambition. Not exactly a “flaw”, but while I think I understand why they did this, it’s a questionable design decision and not exactly ideal to me. EXTRA EXTRA NOTE: Many of the complaints I had about the game have been fixed as of patch 1.3 on April 30th. Notes: New Feature: Free Play Ambition – Set up your perfect kingdom without worrying about long term goals. In this special ambition, you can play quests when you wish, or control up to four heroes at once in a more open free play mode. New Feature: Child

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