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Episode 200

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Mohini tells Anushka that she doesn’t wish to stay at Sudha’s house and wants to go back home. Mohini terribly misses Nishant and Anushka tries to make her understand. The police inspector comes to interrogate Anushka at Sudha’s place. The police inspector questions Anushka for hiding the truth of her and Nishant’s argument in the office. Anushka loses her cool; the police inspector indirectly accuses Anushka of being responsible for Nishant’s death. Bunty tells Sunanda of Tanvir’s decision to join the army. Sunanda is shocked to know this. Darshan demands money from Priti but she refuses to give him money for his frivolities. Darshan plans to marry a rich girl so that he can live a lavish lifestyle. Darshan’s delinquent behavior bothers Priti.

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