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EXO-M – What Is Love Misheard Lyrics

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This is What Is Love by EXO-M with MISHEARD lyrics. THESE ARE NOT THE REAL LYRICS. If you cannot take a joke, please leave. We like EXO. Don’t misunderstand. This is a battle for funniest misheard lyrics between EXO-K and EXO-M. Make sure you watch both and let us know whose was better! We mention Kindle (the electronic book reading device), Jungshin from CNBlue, Jaejoong from DBSK/JYJ, Suzy from Miss A, Super Junior, and Eli from U-Kiss. This was not meant to offend anyone in any way. This was just for fun so don’t hate. Thanks. If you have any other requests or suggestions for us to do misheard lyrics for please feel free to let us know :) Hope you enjoyed!

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