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Trek to the Future

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Joe Maddalena is back on the road again, and this time he’s headed to the home of mega collector, Desi Dos Santos. Desi’s collection has major big ticket Items from films like Terminator 2, Top Gun, Star Wars and Scarface. Joe not only hopes to find an item that will do well at auction, but one that can bring in enough funds to allow Desi to bid on an item that has eluded him for years – a Back to the Future II Hooverboard with handlebars. What is Desi possibly willing to part with? Back at the office, Joe welcomes a new addition to the Profiles team, prop expert Jesse D’Angelo. Joe tasks Brian Chanes to show Jesse the ropes and authenticate a very special piece from Spiderman. Meanwhile, Jon Mankuta and Profiles in History’s General Manager Fong Sam are off to check out a new lead, Wonder Works, a company that specializes in space-themed props. Jon and Fong dig through over 30 years of space film history, finding items from Star Trek and 2010: A Space Odyssey. Meanwhile, Joe gets a message from gallery owner Mike Van Eaton. Mike has a one of a kind Disney masterpiece he wants Joe to see – a one of a kind painting from Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion ride.

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