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Preet Se Bandhi Yeh Dori…Ram Milayi Jodi – Episode 251

Rating: 5

Mona performs her Pooja when Anukalp returns. Anukalp apologises to Mona. Mona comes to know that even Anukalp did not eat anything as he was very busy at his office. Mona is shocked to find that there is no food for them to eat. Anukalp finds some snacks for himself and Mona. Mona tells Anukalp that he will have to give her a gift. Anukalp promises to get her a good gift. Satnaam tells Vimmi that he has spoken to Kalpesh to talk to Karan. Parmeet overhears Satnaam. Parmeet tells Sweety that he will not stay at the Bedi house if Karan comes back. Sweety tries to make him understand. Bharti gets angry at Anukalp for not coming on time. Hetal is happy when Bharti gets angry on Mona for not telling Anukalp about the ‘Karva Chauth’. Kalpesh tells Karan that he should forget his anger and return back home. Karan tells Kalpesh that he will shift when he finds a separate place to live. Karan leaves. Hetal gets angry on Kalpesh. She blames Mona for instigating Bharti and Kalpesh against her. Baa gets angry on Hetal for being selfish and thinking only about her happiness. Bharti gets angry on Hetal for always taking things in the wrong sense. Hetal tells Bijal that Mona is spoiling her life. Hetal feels nauseous. Bijal finds that Hetal has taken the pregnancy test. Hetal confirms to Bijal and Bharti that she is pregnant. However, Hetal remembers Karan’s promise about giving their first child to Sweety and weeps. Bharti is happy on learning that Hetal is pregnant. Hetal tells her

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