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Scotland Tonight – Where does our love of comic book characters come from?

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As Scots across the country flock to cinemas to marvel at the latest Batman movie, we discuss whether we are in a golden age of comic book characters taking to the big screen. The Dark Knight Rises is proving to be another box office smash, following on from the successes of its two predecessors in the trilogy, prompting us to look in to the enduring popularity of comics and comic characters. On Scotland Tonight, Scots comic guru John McShane and comic artist Frank Quietly offered their views on the subject. John said: “Batman kept going becuase they kept reinventing it. The batman of adam west is nothign like the batman we ahve now which is a lot darker. They brought in talents from Britain who added a different approach to it. “John Wagner and Adam Grant created one of the new villans, Scarface who has really caught on in the batman legend so they have allowed other people to paly with their toys.” Frank said: “I think technology is catching up with what can happen in comic books because when you draw or write comic books there’s no budget, there’s no special effects limitations. “Superhero movies in the past were limtied by what could be achieved technically and now with the advances in digital techniques it’s becoming easier and easier to recreate whats happening in comic books on the big screen.”

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