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Episode 18 – 04-02-2012

Rating: 3

Mahesh calls Radha at her office and informs her that Prachi is leaving as there is no engagement ceremony. When Sonia enquires, Radha replies that she has invited trouble by consenting for the marriage. Manav overhears and expresses his wish to marry Radha. Sonia asks him why he doesn’t reveal his feelings to Radha, but he replies it is his habit. (Is he expressing his wish to himself? And what is his habit?) Ghana tells Ulka that Mayi and Devki are blackmailing him for the engagement ceremony. Ulka replies that it is a tradition. Ulka agrees when Ghana asks her if Mayi often sees Appa in the form of a crow. Ulka suggests to him to accept the situation as he cannot avoid it. Ulka laughs when Ghana states that he will have a registered marriage. When Radha returns home, Prachi tells her that she is going back home. Prachi expresses her frustration about Radha’s decision of having a registered marriage. She tells Mahesh that her husband will be very disappointed. Prachi sarcastically tells Mahesh to get some bags stitched from the saris which she had brought as gifts. Prachi tells Mahesh that she will also have to inform the jeweler that she won’t be ordering the jewelry from him. Prachi tells Radha to send her a message informing them about her marriage. She taunts saying that nowadays people avoid inviting close relatives. Radha is forced to agree for the engagement ceremony. Radha decides to talk to Ghana, but just then Ghana calls her. Devki gets worried to see Shripad

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