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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide: XPR-50 Sniper Rifle (Best Class Setup and Game Strategies)

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Written Guide and More Information: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Feed: Email: The XPR-50 is the last sniper rifle you unlock in Black Ops 2 at level 52. It is a semi-automatic rifle which is more forgiving to missing with a shot than the bolt action sniper rifles. However, the slow handling characteristics and long aim down sight time of the XPR-50 mean that the rifle has to be used more passively in a defensive position. But don’t stay in the same place for long, frequently change positions to a new location that overlooks a high traffic area or a choke point. XPR 50 Strategy When you are changing position pull out your secondary as it is much better at close quarter engagements than the XPR-50, but such fights should be avoided since most secondaries are inferior to the primary weapons suited to close range engagements. Maneuver the map so that you are unlikely to run into enemies towards positions where you have cover and be ready for enemies out in the open. XPR Attachments The suppressor is of limited use on the XPR-50 as keeping off the radar is only important if you are close to enemies. However, the reduced muzzle flash is somewhat useful as it makes it harder for enemies to see where you are shooting from. On most long range sniper rifles the ballistic cpu isn’t that useful since the weapon sway isn’t significant enough to make it hard to keep an eye on a specific

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