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Pavitra Rishta – Episode 778 – 09-05-2012

Rating: 4

While shopping, Ovi gets a call. At that moment, Archana gets a call from Damodar. Damodar gets elated when Archana informs him that she attended Ovi’s engagement. She expresses her happiness to Damodar. While conversing with Damodar, Archana tells him that she does not want to separate from Ovi. On her way back home, Purvi gets a call from Arjun. Arjun tells Purvi that he wanted to urgently meet her. He tries to convince Purvi to meet him in the office. He promises Purvi that he would not ask her to meet him again. Purvi agrees to meet Arjun. Manav gets surprised when Ovi comes to meet him at the Deshmukh residence. He enquires with Ovi how she got his address. He gets surprised on learning that Ovi came along with Archana. Sachin expresses his excitement on seeing Ovi. He tells Ovi that even Tejaswini had not yet seen the Deshmukh residence. Sachin gets angry when Archana enters the house. Ovi tells Sachin that she was hungry and wanted to eat. Ovi requests Archana to serve food on the dinner table for her, Manav and Sachin. She reasons out that she wanted to spend quality time with Manav and Sachin. Archana happily agrees. On tasting the food, Ovi praises it. She enquires with Manav who had prepared the meal. Archana gets upset when Sachin states that the cook had prepared the food. Sachin requests Ovi to stay for the night. Ovi points out that she had to meet Arjun over dinner. She states that she wanted to leave before Manav’s wife returned. She apologizes to Archana

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