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Freestyle Finger Tutt – Pretty Wings

Rating: 4

**NOT an ASL interpretation of “Pretty Wings” by Maxwell. (More of a Contemporary Interpretative lyrical … emotive-baseline having i-don’t-know…. ?? Chels, help me word it … lol) This is how I spend study-breaks … I go from nerd-mode, to super-nerd mode. ;-p Creativity is an oulet … I wanted to experiment with short, isolated, ocular-stanzas with rhyme-schemes based mainly on handshape, movement, and location. Another idea was to incorporate or fuse those concepts with a brief ASL, ABC-word story that doubled as an “ASL-ambigram”. Not an ambigram based on a written structure such as it pertains to graphic design nor optical illusion, rather one that toyed with directionality as it relates to movement and the meaning it can give to ‘form’ and ‘content’ in ASL. FORWARDS ———– LOVE (EVOL) ———— REVERSED FORWARD Would not be an ambigram (save that ‘Evol’ is a word that exists in another language, then it would qualify as a Multilingual Ambigram) by design — as evol has no significance — but because of linguistic features present in ASL this is possible.

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