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Economics is Fun, Part 1: Value

Rating: 4

Dr Madsen Pirie, President of the Adam Smith Institute, is attempting to prove that economics is fun. His new book, Economics Made Simple: How Money, Trade and Markets Really Work, is available from Amazon now in paper and Kindle formats: How do banks work? What does the City do? Why do prices rise or fall? Is competition wasteful? How can we create more wealth? What causes globalization and how does it affect people? This book answers these and other questions, not in the way that economics textbooks do – with graphs, abstract models, jargon-ridden theory, and mathematical equations – but through narrative and lucid explanation rooted in everyday experience and common-sense intuitions. This is a personal school of economics for anyone who has ever wanted to know how money, trade and markets really work. The study of economics has never been so enjoyable – or eye-opening.

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