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Dark Souls Tips #2 – Make A Fire Claymore Within ~35 Minutes of Start of Game

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In this video, we make a Fire Claymore as soon as we can after the start of Dark Souls. A fire weapon helps immensely and can be used to take on the majority of the bosses. Luck is in my side in Blighttown and I score 5 Green Titanite Shards from a leech. Even without this drop, I show you how to get 2 green shards to make a Fire Claymore +2. For more Dark Souls goodness see my blog at: Timeline 00:00 Start game as Knight with Master Key 03:28 Asylum Demon boss fight 07:17 Start collecting souls in Blighttown 09:11 Green Titanite Shard in Blighttown 11:16 Homeward Bone in Firelink Shrine 13:38 Kill merchant for Uchigatana and Residence Key 15:22 Gold Pine Resin 16:43 Taurus Demon boss fight 18:00 Raise stats to wield Drake Sword (16 STRE and 12 DEX) 18:50 Drake Sword 19:35 Claymore 20:38 Halberd 21:39 Heavy Knight mini-boss 23:30 Make Claymore +5 26:08 Back to Firelink Shrine 27:17 Kill Necromancer 1 and trip lever 1 28:05 Kill Necromancer 2 28:39 Trip lever 2 29:43 Kindle Catacombs bonfire 31:26 Kill Necromancer 4 and trip lever 3 32:02 Green Titanite Shard 32:32 Open Vamos shortcut 32:55 Make Fire Claymore 34:23 Homeward Bone to Catacombs bonfire 36:05 Back to Firelink Shrine and final stats

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