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World's Worst Musical Episode 4: Roadblock

Rating: 4

Best viewed in 1080p! (in glorious HD) Episode 4 of World’s Worst Musical: Roadblock Download the song “Rules of the Road” here: In episode 4, after an encounter with a student driver, Guy goes on a musical detour and gets a crash course in the rules of the road. World’s Worst Musical is a 10 episode original musical webseries that follows a writer struggling to get past his terrible ideas to write an amazing musical. As his ideas come to life, he reaches the same conclusion again and again… this is the worst! Starring: Dylan Saunders as Mr. Addlerd Marty Scanlon as Guy Featuring: Lauren Lopez and Kelly Parker as The Backseat Drivers Clark Baxtresser, Kristen Bjorge, Michael Bou-Maroun, Jessie Ellingsen, June Saito & Meredith Stepien as The Cones World’s Worst Musical was made possible through support from backers on Kickstarter and other generous contributors. follow us on Twitter! @worstmusical check out our website! Created, Directed & Choreographed by: Corey Lubowich, Marty Scanlon, Molly Scanlon Produced by Verse Factory Music by: Marty Scanlon with Corey Lubowich & Molly Scanlon Lyrics by: Corey Lubowich, Marty Scanlon & Molly Scanlon Orchestrated by: Marty Scanlon Director of Photography: Corey Lubowich Edited by: Marty Scanlon Production Manager: Molly Scanlon Production Assistant: Marty Dubin Costume Design: June Saito & Yonit Olshan Graphic Design: Corey Lubowich Filmed on Location in: Marty’s car and a

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