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Kadhal Pagadai – Episode 56

Rating: 5

Kadal Pagdai is a romantic comedy set in Konar Colony, a typical middle class society of India. Rajbabu is the protagonist employed in a Chit Fund Company and staying with his elder brother Mohanbabu, a henpecked husband, who works in the Accountant General’s office as a clerk and has no aspirations in life. Rajbabu is in love with Sithara, who is an orphan residing in a Working Women’s Hostel. Mohanbabus wife Vanaja, is a classic example of a house wife, who has lots of wants and desires and is never tired of drawing comparisons with her co-residents. The Colony has various other residents who add color to the story and one among them is Thangam who nurtures a one sided love for Rajbabu. She is however oblivious that Sudharshan and Jayaraj, both residents of the same colony, are secretly in love with her. Sitharas roommate, Sundari, is madly in love with Jayaraj, and waits for an opportune moment to disclose her love to him. With all these characters in various states of disclosed and undisclosed love, positioned respectively as triangles or quadrangles, the setting is right for a plethora of poignant emotions and hilarious moments. Into this scenario, comes Ramana, a multi-millionaire who is head-over-heels in love with Sithara from the day he saw her in their college and is highly confident that he can win her over. The serial throws light on the price each has to pay to achieve something. This forms the crux of the serial and sheds comprehensive and conclusive light

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