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Why WordPress Is Best For Business (Part 1 of 3)

Rating: 5 This is part one of three of a little talk I gave about why I think WordPress is the best solution for most small businesses. I was presenting at WordCamp Kansas City 2011 in Overland Park , KS. What a awesome event! Everything from the organizing to the speakers and yes, even the food was top notch!!

[WATCH]: – Web Design – Live Website Redesign: Designing with Drupal

Rating: 5

Drupal expert Chris Stauffer returns to discuss designing with Drupal in mind as Jose and Xin build out the ThisWeekIn features within the proposed sitemap. 00:35 Introducing Xin Chung and Chris Stauffer 01:16 Jose describes the challenges of defining scope with a client 03:18 The importance of insurance, and how Hiscox can help 07:15 Prioritization of features with the team and the client 09:44 Chris explains the why and the how of the MOSCOW process 12:40 Estalishing the topline priorities for ThisWeekIn 15:35 Designing with a known budget or blue sky ideas. 18:46 Chris brings up features that the team had not thought of in previous sessions. 20:45 “Chunky violent” design style. 21:20 Chris defines “solar search” for the team. 25:48 The far-reaching ramifications of designing user profiles. 32:30 Taking a step back and looking at the priorities at a macro level. 34:23 Using Drupal to easily establish user permissions. 41:45 How to build a promotional infrastructure within the ThisWeekIn site. 46:45 Stepping back to see if there are any missed features, we realize the sponsor user profile hasn’t been fully addressed.

Computer Bug

Rating: 4

The praying mantis is real, but it is hungry enough to try to catch and eat the cursor. He had been in the house for four days – prowling for insects around the ceilings. The sound effects accidently supplied by the dog next-door (no – mantises don’t bark). The screen background is by the Bureau of Meterology. The mantis was patient enough that we were able to set up lighting – as long as we kept moving the mouse. (Notice how he keeps one foot on the top of the screen. Earlier he had tried to come down further, but skidded on the surface, and from then was more cautious). No insects, cursors or mice were harmed in the making of this movie. The mantis was returned to the wild.

Three Best Mice
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