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Good websites have dynamic content, are easy to update, and offer special services to customers. We can update your website to to the latest technology, and always create sites that are dynamic and fun.

One of the biggest challenges in owning a website is getting it updated. We have several program possibilities that allow the owner to update their own site, quickly, online. We recommend this type of site for all but the most simple project. It is better to plan for updates, than to worry about them for years!

Mouse over site names for a dynamic picture! The city of Victor needed an interactive with with calendars, numerous sections, and training for their staff to be able to do the updates from their own office. Salmon Idaho collaborative group dedicated to training and encouraging local groups to work together. They needed a fun site for members to stay in touch and highlight any projects that are being done together. Salmon Hot Springs is bottling their mineral water for a product that is equal to healing spa waters in Europe. They needed a site for wholesale customers. Interactive news site for Salmon Idaho. Based in Hamilton Montana, Abby’s is a classified ad site for genealogists

Salmon Idaho Classified: Classified ad site for the area. Interactive site with weekly newsletter for knitters and fiber artists.

Greyhouse Inn: Bed and Breakfast on the Salmon River, near Salmon Idaho. They feature an old manor house, several new guest cabins and float trips on the river.

Raft 4 Fun: Kookaburra rafting company in Salmon Idaho. Whitewater rafting and fishing on the Salmon River. Associated with the Greyhouse Inn.

Bertrams Brewery: Brew Pub in Salmon Idaho. Recently upgraded to Content Management System to they can keep their menu up-to-date.

Salmon Select Sale: Sale managers needed to have a website that they could edit with new information for each sale year.

Birddog Inn: Bring Your Own Dog when you come hunting at the Birddog Inn. Owner needed a very simple site to act as an online brochure… but when he is ready for more he can update it himself. Sometimes a business needs something very simply and quick. This website is for Taylor Mountain Surveying specifically to advertise their mining claim staking services.

Salmon Hockey Association needed a website that everyone could update from their home computers to keep up with ever changing schedules and board members. Full content management system. Owner can create his own pages, and manage all content from his own computer. A history and locale site about Hamilton Montana.

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