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It is quite difficult to give good cost estimates for a new web development project. When first talking to a customer we like to determine the budget they have in mind, and then come up with a plan that can stay in budget.

Our estimate will be a best-judgement guess of the amount of time it will take to complete your project. We will give you a clear indication of situations that make us go over budget, or that would be considered additions to the initial job.

The most time consuming parts of your project are going to be the visual elements. Getting everything to line up perfectly under any browser screen configuration is tedious work. When we help customers cut costs in development time, we usually reduce the amount of hours put into the visual and stylesheet elements.

Our website projects range from $200 to $2500. We can certainly fit your project somewhere in that range.

A good website is an ongoing project. We can teach you how to do many of the elements yourself: updating pages, reaching out to social networks, continuing Search Engine Optimization, staying up-to-date. Our bidding process is flexible to fit all these elements into your needs.

A downpayment is expected at acceptance of bid.

We offer an awesome 25% discount on hourly work for Team National members. Call for more information. (208) 756-3076

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