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Design Notes

Through the years we have specialized in middle-range websites because we work with so many small business owners. We have created or updated hundreds of websites, and are offering you links to a handful of these sites here on
Below is a quick summary of the elements that contribute towards the cost level of any website project:

Visual elements: Creating the visual elements of your site can be very time consuming. We concentrate on a clean structure, and good content. You can rely on us to give you an honest assessment of the direction you need to go in order to best display your business.

Stylesheets: Effective websites use Cascading Style Sheets. These take some initial time to set up, but lead to a consistent and stylish look for your site. The more time we spend on your font styles, colors and placement, the better your site will look.

Photographs: It is important that the photographs for your site be professional. If you have a very elegant product, we always recommend hiring a professional photographer to gather these elements.

Graphics: We develop most of our own graphics, and are always very glad when the customer has their own logo. We will need digital files of all our graphics in order to complete your project.

Text Content: Connie is a free-lance writer, and loves to help you write good content for your site. This can be very time-consuming, however, so the more you can give us up-front, the lower we can keep the final cost.

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